Corporate Wellness

You are great, but now be EXCELLENT

Dr. Rob shares powerful and timeless principles for improving personal performance. How to, be physically and mentally tough when the pressure puts the squeeze on you. How to, be confident in any given situation. How to, believe in yourself and your ability to compete and win. How to, turn stress into power to accomplish the task. How to have energy and vitality sufficient to perform at your very best, even at the end of a busy day or week. Understanding the four pillars of balance. Why health and Fitness is the foundation of your ability to perform at your very best. Dr. Rob will show you how to overcome the obstacles to achieving peak personal performance.

Fitness in 16 Minutes a day

16minutesaday is the revolutionary way to accomplish your fitness goals. Based on Dr. Rob’s patented High Intensity Fuzion Training, which is performed 3 days per week. You and your organization can build strong, lean, active healthy muscle in the quickest manner possible. Learn why most exercise programs have got it wrong. Why you are wasting valuable time exercising in a mindless fashion. Learn how you body actually burns fat for energy and how you can maintain permanent fat loss. Dr. Rob’s passion is health and fitness and he has help thousands lose fat weight and grow strong, healthy, disease free bodies. Dr. Rob can help your organization become lean, strong, and ready for all business challenges in this fast paced world.

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