Want Energy? Get Nutrients!

Want Energy?  Get Nutrients!

LOOKING FOR ENERGY – Dr. Rob America’s Fitness Doctor®

There is an estimated 100 trillion cells in the human body. All of which have individual and collective roles that make you, you. These cells require energy to do what each particular cell was designed to do. Where do they get this energy?

These 100 trillion cells that make up your body get their energy from the foods that you eat! Now let’s think about that for a minute or two. So why do we need to eat? Because we get hungry? Right? Well, the feeling of hunger is a signal from the hypothalamus in brain telling you that your body requires nutrients! That means that those 100 trillion cells in your body require the nutrients that give them energy and allow each one of these cells in return to also create energy that makes your body do the things you want to do. If you do not consume the nutrients that your body requires for all the collective cellular functions to take place, then your body will not perform efficiently or even worse be subjected to the many various forms of disease, attacks from inside the body and from the outside environment.

These cells that make up your body; blood cells that turn over every 100-120 days, skin cells that change over every 20-30 days, organ and tissue that is constantly repairing and riding the body of toxins and bones which are constantly remodeling. All these cellular structures rely on the nutrients that you feed them. Even though at the end of a year you look in the mirror and you see the same image, you literally on a cellular level are a different person. And what you feed your body is what you become. You are what you eat, could not be truer. What your body requires on a cellular level is nutrients! Lean protein from sources such as salmon, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Your body needs healthy fats from fish, olives, olive oil and nuts. Clean carbohydrates from all the healthy carbohydrate groups; fruit carbohydrate, vegetable carbohydrate, and natural starchy carbohydrate. And most importantly, water! The vital solution that makes all the processes within your body work efficiently and appropriately. Also, the avoidance of processed carbohydrates such as; cakes, cookies, candies, sugar, chips, flour, soda and items in a box or can. Limiting your alcohol consumption and avoidance of bad habits, such as the use of tobacco.

For The Alpha Male:

As a physician that specializes in male hormone optimization, I have witnessed first hand the true power of healthful living and the intelligent optimization of male hormones and the profound effects on individual patients lives. And I am grateful for my mentors Dr. Jeffry Life and Dr. Jeffrey Leake who have through their passionate pursuit of empowering male health and fitness have inspired me to seek where our next  true potential lies.  This is truly an exciting time for men’s health and fitness.

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Dr. Rob Kominiarek, America’s Fitness Doctor®

“Fitness is the Footprint of Life…Follow It!”

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