My Doctor said “I should get used to this phase of my life.”

My Doctor said My Doctor said

Kimber’s Success Story – Dr. Rob America’s Fitness Doctor®

I’m 45 years old and have finally been able to unlock my health and fitness after struggling with a declining metabolism and depressing weight gain.  At about 40 years old, I noticed a serious change in my body. In spite of not changing my exercise routine or diet I began to notice the scale reflecting the consistent upwards change. It seemed no matter what I did the scale kept going up. I began to get very frustrated. I would exercise longer and harder. Instead of 1 hour on the treadmill I would go for 90 minutes or longer. I was wearing myself out and get this, getting heavier!

My energy level and mood were inconsistent and as a result my stress level increased. I had climbed up to 154lbs on a 5’4 frame. I went to my primary care physician who placed me on phentermine, a prescription medicine to aid in appetite suppression and weight loss, but it only made me irritable and contributed to sleepless nights and not weight loss. I decided to see a specialist to check on hormone levels which all were normal. The answer I got from my OB/Gyn was this was part of normal aging and I should get used to this phase of my life. Are you kidding me!

Needless to say, I was not happy. I refused to accept this fate. I left her office crying yet absolutely furious. I’m an educated woman. I have a Master’s degree and I am a Physician Assistant in Hepatology who has practiced at UCLA and Duke. This can’t be right!!! My self-esteem had dwindled. I felt sad and unattractive. I had never been overweight in my life. My size 32B cup had increased to a 36 D cup and I’m now wearing 3 pants sizes larger. I don’t recognize myself. Friends close to me are asking if everything is okay? It seemed like I was gaining a pound a day at this rate. I felt completely out of control.

I called my brother who is a doctor who has helped thousands of patients lose weight and told him my story. He said, “That is absolutely ridiculous. Your age does not determine your weight.” “Why don’t you follow my program?” As in typical sister form, I laughed and thought, my brother? Sure he’s helped a lot of patients lose weight, but he’s my brother. I’ve seen him pee his pants as a child. Oddly, the answer to my dilemma was right in front of me and in the family, all I had to do was listen.

My brother told me I was working out too hard. I was stressing out my adrenal glands and therefore releasing more cortisol, the stress hormone. I was my own worse enemy. He gave me 4 exercises to do for 4 minutes 3 days a week with 3 days of cardio for only 16 minutes a day. I had been running 90 minutes a day on a treadmill killing myself! He gave me a simple clean nutrition plan to follow and some supplementations. There was no calorie counting involved…YEAH!

Within 2 months I dropped 10lbs. I was ecstatic! After the initial drop the next 7 lbs. came off at a slower rate and to my admission I wasn’t as diligent in my food choices. The good news I was 17 lbs lighter and not going up on the scale like before. After speaking with my brother, he determined by my food intake that I might have some carb sensitivity. He had me make a few adjustments in my diet which included tapering my carbs throughout the day so at the end of the day I was only taking in lean proteins and lots of veggies. In addition, he suggested I completely eliminate alcohol from my diet until I reach my goal. No more weekend wine cheat days. I’m now 137 lbs. and need to step it up to reach my goal.

It was obvious I had hit a plateau. I decided to re-commit. Over the next two months I did what my brother suggested and the plateau was finally busted. It would take me only 8 weeks to lose another 19lbs to reach my goal weight of 118lbs!!! This time I was diligent and did not cheat. There was no wine and no poor food choices. I continued to do his exercise program and success was finally met. It has now been 6 months since reaching my goal and maintenance has been a breeze. I continue to do the exercise program and make good food choices most of the time. The difference now is I can have some cheat days with my favorite high calorie foods such as hamburgers and macaroni and cheese as well as wine in moderation and not suffer the weight gain.

My energy level has returned and I feel liberated. I refused to accept that my age had to determine my weight. The two don’t have to be related. I’m 45 years old, but now don’t look or feel 45 years old. It never gets old hearing from family, friends and strangers that I look at least a decade younger. It was process and one that developed over stages of time. Overcoming the plateau and recommitting was the turn around for me. I had to take a hard look and make the changes. I truly am a newer better version of myself.

Honestly, I look at myself today and don’t think I’ve ever looked this tone and fit. I don’t count calories, which in the past was a nightmare. It made me more obsessive about food and subsequently was counter productive. I exercise less than ever before. I never spend more than 20-30 minutes/ day and mostly no more than 16 minutes. I work full time and have family and friends, but I always manage to keep 16 minutes a day for myself. This is something I can be consistent with on a daily basis. Now, all I have to do is be accountable to what I feed my body. It’s really that simple now for me. Today, I’m fit and feel energized. I am able to enjoy my indulgences from time to time and not feel the guilt I always struggled with invariably punishing myself for a simple pleasure. I only wished I would have listened to my brother sooner and saved myself some of the emotional and physical pain. The answer was right in front of me all along, but I wasn’t ready to see it. My brother has helped hundreds of patients and now he can add his baby sister to his list of successes.

Wishing you years of health & happiness


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