The AMMI™ Medication Continuity Care Program

The N.E.W.R YOU™ Executive Continuity Care Program is a life enhancing continuity program dedicated to the advancement of your health. You have ready access to Dr. Rob’s expert, unique medical advice, sophisticated services, personal one on one care and extensive resources provided to you through your monthly professional fees. The continuity care fee is $150.00 per month.

Dr. Rob also conducts behind-the-scenes work on your behalf coordinating and correlating the latest research to advance your health, maintaining regular scheduled calls to assess your progress, answer your questions, offer expert advice to related issues, and if you so choose work in concert with your personal physician or healthcare team to advise them of the status of your wellness program.

The cost for Dr. Rob’s N.E.W.R. YOU PLAN™ varies per individual based upon your personal health needs and supplementation; the continuity care fee is $150 per month plus any additional fee for supplementation. This personalized fee includes pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, medication recommendations when needed, recommended blood draws/laboratory tests, and professional fees to monitor your one-on-one care, coordination of care with your other providers or health care team, phone or Internet consultations with Dr. Rob and access to the exclusive N.E.W.R. YOU members site.


By purchasing here, I authorize The N.E.W.R. YOU, Inc. to charge the amount selected above. Recurring monthly payments for The N.E.W.R. YOU, Inc. Executive Continuity Care Program will be charged on the 15th of each month. I understand that if I am dissatisfied with this program for any reason, I may discontinue any recurring payments at any time by notifying The N.E.W.R. YOU, Inc. in writing at

The N.E.W.R. YOU Executive Continuity Care Program is $150.00 monthly, recurring payments on the 15th of each month.

Dr. Rob, America’s Fitness Doctor™

Price: $150.00 per month

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