The Manual

16 Minutes A Day An Energizing Fat Loss SolutionTM “THE MANUAL”

Are YOU ready to move through the myths that have stood in YOUR way of living a healthy and comfortable life? In Dr. Rob’s 16 Minutes A Day An Energizing Fat Loss SolutionTM you will discover exactly how to live a healthy life with a sensible exercise and nutrition solution.

16 Minutes A Day is excellent for the reader to put into action a permanent weight loss plan in 45 minutes.

– Dr. Carol G. Ryan, M.D. FACSG, MACSG

Dr. Rob’s book is a concise easy to read manual to motivation and success, a hitchhiker’s guide to a healthier you. Complete with tips and jam packed with the encouragement and information needed to get you on your feet and moving.

– Dr. Carol Marino, D.O., M.S.

The 16 Minutes A Day Solution™ is a straightforward easy to follow cookbook for better health. Tells you exactly what to do to guarantee results and presents a manageable plan to get there.

– Dr. Lisa Lichota, D.O., FACEP, ABA, ASAM

Complex physiology made easy to understand and follow. Dr. Rob teaches the reader not only to make a better body, but a sound mind. If you are physically well, you can be mentally and spiritually well. I have been looking for a work like this to help my patients for 30 years!

-Dr. Manoj Desai, M.D.

Price: $19.95

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