The Bride’s Guide to Quick Weight Loss

The Bride's Guide to Quick Weight Loss

An excerpt from my new book; The Bride’s Guide to Quick Weight Loss. Feel and Look Fabulous in Your Dress! A 31 Day Solution To Lose Weight Before The Wedding.

“So here’s the deal.  You must be Consistent, Persistent, and Patient and trust in the process that will get you there.  Be consistent with your nutrition, exercise, water, and rest, the N.E.W.R. YOU PLAN.  Be persistent in your resolve to reach your goal no matter what interference comes your way.  Own your 30 minutes of exercise daily this is your time to create your fabulous body.  Feed and water your body and rest it daily for 8 hours.  And above all, be patient!

I say this because in all my years in medicine I still marvel at how the human body adapts to its environment both externally and internally.  Weight and fat loss comes in cycles as you make these changes, and I have noticed that in the days after the free day of eating is when you will feel the strongest and the leanest.   Stay away from the bathroom scale and monitor your progress by how you look, feel, move, and act.  You will notice your body change shape and size and how loosely your clothes start to fit and how confident you feel.  Remember, C.P.P. Baby!”


Dr. Rob Kominiarek, America’s Fitness Doctor™ 

“Fitness is the Footprint of Life…Follow It!”

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