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Treating Traumatic Brain Injury With Hormone Therapy

  Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion Results of recent and ongoing studies have made it clear that brain injuries like traumatic brain injury (TBI) pose substantial risk to pituitary function, multiple hormones and overall health and wellness. Hypopituitarism may benefit with appropriate hormonal replacement receiving replacement therapy such as antidiuretic hormone, glucocorticoid, and thyroid hormones when needed. […]

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We Run Shaun Through The Gamut At The Alpha Male Institute – Take The Alpha Male Challenge!


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Testosterone deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency? – Dr. Rob America’s Fitness Doctor® Shriveled testicles, “What?” drooping scrotal sacs, “Come on!” decrease in sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreasing muscle mass, increasing body fat, less energy, decreased sense of well-being, more fatigue and competition from younger men signals a declining virility…..”What gives Doc?”  This decline could accompany the aging process, and be reluctantly […]

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