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Why Check Your Nitric Oxide Levels? Dr. Rob Explains

  Did you know your nitric oxide levels can be easily checked with a quick 3 second test? Low nitric oxide levels can lead to accelerated aging and many cardiovascular conditions like hardening of the arteries and buildup of LDL cholesterol. The great news is you can maintain high nitric oxide levels with the right […]

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Your Heart – The Most Important Muscle In Your Body

  The human heart is by far the most important muscle in the body, yet so many of us take it for granted. Fortunately there are many ways to improve your heart health and guard against cardiovascular disease. In this video, Dr. Rob Kominiarek talks about some things you can do strengthen your heart through […]

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Too Much Sugar Causes A 3X Increased Risk Of Heart Attack?

  The answer is a resounding YES!!  The February 3, 2014 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine reported on the largest study of its kind in medical history.  Yang, et. al., Added Sugar Intake and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Among US Adults. Learn more: Dr. Rob Kominiarek is America’s Fitness […]

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