The Future of Men’s Health

The Future of Men's Health

In order for men to be at the top of their game they will have to create an internal health environment that lends itself to high energy, mental sharpness, youthful appearance, a disease free state, and an absolute zest to conquer all that life has to offer.

This all begins with building a solid health foundation around superior nutrition, regular meaningful exercise programs, appropriate daily hydration, and consistent, substantive sleep. This will create the best possible environment for the natural optimization of male hormones until the inevitable long winding decline that all men will undergo with age. Working in concert with your physician who is trained and experienced in the intelligent optimization of male hormones when the time arrives for you, will ensure that this vitality lasts through the Fall & Winter of your years.

Maintaining your vital energy as you age by physically caring for your body, the only true home you will ever have, will make life a true joy. When your body is functioning at peak physical condition you will find yourself with more energy to do all the things that you are passionate about in life. Spending time with friends and family, pursuing your hobbies, embracing your spirituality, and engaging your life head on with vigor and vitality!

This is an exciting time in men’s health! There is a tsunami of new understanding of what “aging” or “getting old” really is. Getting old no longer has to mean suffering deterioration, loss of muscle mass, lack of energy, or poor sexual function. Quite the opposite, healthy aging means maintaining strong, lean muscle, mental clarity, productivity, sexual interest and function, and a passion for life.

There are two new men’s health books on the horizon for release. My colleague and mentor Dr. Jeffry Life’s new book, Mastering the Life Plan,  (releases March 19th) which, I have already had the pleasure and honor to read, is truly masterful. Dr. Life’s latest, concise version is a must read for any man looking to ensure his health for years to come. Dr. Life will make living to 100 a real potential for almost every man.

The second is Engineering the Alpha by John Romaniello and Adam Borstein,,  (releases April 16th) I am a fan of Roman’s spin on density training and have used his techniques to crush training plateaus as I approach the young age of 50!

As a physician that specializes in male hormone optimization, I have witnessed first hand the true power of healthful living and the intelligent optimization of male hormones and the profound effects on individual patients lives. And I am grateful for my mentors Dr. Jeffry Life and Dr. Jeffrey Leake who have through their passionate pursuit of empowering male health and fitness have inspired me to seek where our next  true potential lies.  This is truly an exciting time for men’s health and fitness.

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“Fitness is the Footprint of Life.  Follow It!”

Dr. Rob Kominiarek, America’s Fitness Doctor®

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